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May 29, 2017 by unclespike218

Remember this post? Yep. I’m at the same coffeehouse two years later.

And in a much better mood. Keppra can go walk off a cliff. I’m much happier today. They’re playing reggae, and I’m actually into it this time. Life is good.

I’ve found a place to move and call my own! Assuming (and hoping) that the place passes inspection, and that I consider the HOA activity to be commensurate with the exorbitant fees they have (no joke…over $500), I’m good and ready to go. Seriously. Thrilled to be leaving. Bill has moved on in no uncertain terms. He is already dating another guy (!) from Las Vegas, who happens to be married to another guy (!!) and also, I believe, has another plaything on the side (!!!). He’s talking about this guy, using terms that should not be used so quickly after a relationship ending like “monogamy” and “grow old together.” I”m aghast, quite honestly…and now a bit insulted that he’s replaced his FB picture of himself with one with Matthew as well, using the tagline “Love this man!” You’d think he could at least wait until I’ve moved out (assuming I move at a decent speed, which I am). I offered to give Bill some of my flannel, so he could look the part packing his U-Haul to move to Vegas. Jokingly, of course. But at this point, he’s not sure where he’s going to go, or what he’s going to do with regard to Matthew. Oh well…even though I still care somewhat about Bill, I’m just thinking “not my circus, not my monkeys.”

One thing does hurt a bit…the fact that Bill inevitably gets more friends out of this divorce, mainly because he’s much more sociable than I am. Not that anyone is against me, per se, but they are more for Bill. And that leaves me with the task of needing to build up my friends. But honestly, whatever will be will be. I will be fine, either with a bevy of friends or just a few. And Bill, clearly, will also be just fine.

Well, more later. Despite the joys of this coffeehouse, my coffee has been depleted, and it is a bit cramped. Must go shopping for goodies for the rest of the week.


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