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March 6, 2017 by unclespike218

An update on my tincture adventures.

I got some blood work done recently after seeing my neurologist. He decided to run a lipid panel too, just for the heck of it. Good call, seeing as how I haven’t had lipids tested in a long time.

The results were pretty shocking…in a good way. Although my LDLs were still higher than I’d like them to be (just above 100), and HDLs were lower than I’d like (below 30), total cholesterol was 149, which is a good 50 points lower than I’ve ever seen it. Not necessarily a good or bad thing, but no one is going to look at that number and prescribe statins. Besides, I know I can do more good things to affect the LDLs and HDLs. But here’s the great thing: my triglycerides were down about 100 points from the last time I had them checked, and they were below 100! Insane! As you’d imagine, blood glucose was a total non-issue. I’m thrilled. Looks like that garlic is really doing me a world of good.

Liver enzymes were still elevated, which sucks, but no real big surprise there. My next big project: create a milk thistle tincture, and if I can, have it ready before I go to China. If not, it’ll stay and macerate a month longer while I’m over there, then I can enjoy it when I get back home.

In the meantime, the grapefruit is a bit less than what I’d hoped for. It did help my appetite for a weekend or so, but then tapered off. My weight began to drop, but as it turns out, a lot of that was water weight. I noticed my pretibial edema begin to disappear, and I noticed that the grapefruit tincture was a fairly reliable diuretic. Which…okay. Might also help with blood pressure. But one (suspected) side effect of this tincture is a worsening of my seb derm. I originally had thought it was due to a new shampoo I had used, but I discontinued it rather quickly, and haven’t used it for a few weeks. The seb derm has persisted. So that’s annoying. But hey…grapefruit tincture can be used as a diuretic…and by extension, possibly could help reduce blood pressure! (I haven’t had my BP checked since I started this, so who knows?) Might be great for people who tend to have oily skin anyhow. And if nothing else, I could add a few drops of this here and there to some fabulous drinks and enjoy it for its purely gustatory effects.

It’s great to see I have such power with these simple potions. Improve triglycerides? Take garlic. Need to improve pretibial (and potentially other) edema? Take grapefruit. As I said before, I wonder what lemon could do – and if it would have less of an effect on my scalp than grapefruit. (Knowing lemon’s tendency to cut oil rather effectively, I’m dubious…)


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