Nighttime randomness


December 9, 2016 by unclespike218

Truly an “I don’t give a fuck” post.

  • Alcohol remains my not-so-good-frenemy. Yeah, lowers the inhibitions, but seriously? Headache, maudlinism, hangover, and all the bad symptoms of “moody drunk” come spilling out. Worst: had only two drinks tonight, and I’m much more drunk than I should be. Praying for no hangover mañana.
  • Why Mr. Man hasn’t dumped me after all these years of being said moody drunk is beyond me. Then again, why haven’t I dumped him?
  • Sickness. No, alcohol doesn’t help there either. But garlic tends to. (See my previous post. It remains a very good friend of mine, and I have upped the dose dramatically, with nothing but good results.) As does, apparently, astragalus. Loving that stuff now. For a tincture, also has a good, relatively bland, slightly woodsy and very slightly bitter taste. Not disgusting at all. I’m a fan now.
  • Yup. Still hate bears.
  • I’m romanticizing singlehood an awful lot nowadays. Maybe I should, y’know, give it a try, eh wot?
  • Hairspray Live! rocked. Srsly. And was only beaten out by Hamilton as the most Obama/Trump era-defining production. C’mon…Motormouth Maybelle belting out songs about fighting the powers that be? And this from Jennifer Hudson, who was ROBBED in the worst way of an American Idol victory (in my calculation, more than a little racism came into play there)? It could not be more timely if her dancers were carrying signs that said #blacklivesmatter.
  • Pantone’s color of 2017 can suck it. 2016 was an interesting duo: the baby blue and light pink combo I kinda dug. Neat gender-encapsulating statement there, plus some nice, calming, unobtrusive colors. But so far, I’m afraid that Greenery, despite being one of my favorite and signature colors, is a very off-putting baby-spew or diluted meconium hue. I’d almost argue that 2015’s Marsala was better. Almost. But those two are certainly the worst since colors of the year began to be dropped at the turn of the millennium.
  • Yeah, I’m pretty much done here. Off to bed. It’s late.

One thought on “Nighttime randomness

  1. […] I did last night. I finally pulled the trigger. After a long, long time of hemming and hawing. It went about as well as can be expected, which is to say, not very […]


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