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September 30, 2016 by unclespike218

I figured out how to live, despite the portent of my last post.

I’ve given myself a Facebook reprieve. Logged out of it entirely, gave a last goodbye about a week ago, and left. My last post was the theme of the day: what three fictional characters encapsulate you? I chose Daria, Hard Harry, and Minerva McGonagall. Interesting that two of them are in high school, and all of them are tied to teenagers. Is that where I have been stuck for years, emotionally?

At any rate, this means that I have lived a pretty blissful time ever since away from political mudslinging and adulation. The tabloidish political posts and reposts get old. Really. Quickly. (They were the purported cause of my imminent death, remember?) I’m sure I’ve avoided a lot of football as well. And the bit of personal news or occasional posts that I care about, I can catch up with from time to time. Upshot: Great choice on my part, and business productivity has improved a bit as a result.

Incidentally, I’ve found it’s awfully easy to get caught up reading things and not live them. It’s been my MO for a long time. I could get albums and listen to them, sure, but I get a quicker jolt of dopamine and excitement by reading reviews about them. Same goes for some self-improvement books and business stuff. They become means for me to feel good, but not act on the advice given. And when you read enough without acting, that becomes a habit. So consequently, I become leery about reading too many business books without acting on them. Good that I recognize this in me. But maybe it can work the other way…if I read them enough, something will be bound to stick, and I’ll see business – and maybe personal life as well – improve accordingly. I’m not that inert. I can’t be.

Other news: I’ve taken up occasional ( ~1-3 times a week) vaping of some Colorado herbal jazz refreshment, as one of my fellow blogging belletrists once called it. Conclusion: MUCH better than edibles. Much more manageable. Causes generalized faint, pleasant tingling for me, and occasional minor munchies. I think I’ve had more bodily sensory alteration from a glass of wine. So I’m not exactly puffing away and getting stoned. It’s enough to take a slight edge off a stressful day. A few mornings after, I’ve woken up feeling tremendously refreshed; a few other mornings, I’ve woken up with my brain slightly muddy, but no damaging hangover symptoms. (You know, the likes of which accompany abusing that nationally-legalized form of liquid intoxication. I’ve lost far too many mornings – and a few days – to that.) I know, I know…many experienced users will look down upon me as one who isn’t doing it right because I’m not getting high enough, but ya know? I’m doing it just fine. Being more than responsible, not letting it affect my life terribly, only using it to improve my life however it might. For me, it’s the equivalent of having a glass of wine at the end of a long day. I can tell you…Facebook has had a worse effect on my life than marijuana has. Much more addictive. I haven’t found marijuana addictive in the slightest. Indeed, my experience with edibles drove into me a very healthy respect for what it can do, and as such, I’m pursuing vaping quite slowly. And who knows? Over the long haul, maybe it isn’t for me. But I appreciate the chance to give it a try and see if it is. (And thank God for Colorado’s lenient MJ laws.)


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