Oh, and she still digs Steve Albini. Punk cred intact.

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June 17, 2015 by unclespike218

Okay…what say we move on to something a little lighter than that last post?Yeesh, but that was dark. (And poorly written.) I try not to dwell on things like that too much, but sometimes the gremlins get the best of me. I’ve yet to find a (happy) medium between expressing myself so I don’t burst, and adding gasoline to a dangerous and unnecessary fire. Anyhoo…

Awesome news. Totally unexpectedly, I began seeing pictures on FB of my high school girlfriend’s wedding this past weekend. (The erstwhile-named Silver Skating Dame.) She hasn’t aged a bit. Hasn’t changed. Still such an awesome smile and spirit that comes through, even just on pictures. And, as it turns out, she got married to another woman. They both look so, so happy to be together. So, if such retroactive yearbook categories existed, we would nab the “most self-defeating couple” award in a heartbeat. At least from a sexual standpoint.

And last night, I reconnected with SSD’s true blue BFF, who was always there for her dating back to middle school. That’s some awesome longevity. Trine was laid back, but fiercely protective of SSD. A true alpha female. You never crossed her. And she was very socially savvy. She knew that I made SSD very happy…mostly…but she also saw right through me and knew that I could not be totally there for her, for more than one reason. And as such, she was a bit leery of me, never fully trusting. One late night, she apparently told SSD point blank to watch out for me, and not give her heart fully, because she knew I was gay. Even though I wasn’t even close to being out, even to myself. She had it figured out, and wanted to protect SSD from getting hurt. So as such, we had a tenuous relationship. She held me at arm’s distance and tolerated me because I was her best friend’s boyfriend.

Which was why, years later, I was so surprised to see her friending me. We chatted for a bit. She’s a single mom of an adorable daughter, and has a hair salon in Florida. Life seems to be treating her – and her daughter – very well.


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