The freezing infrastructure abides.

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June 10, 2015 by unclespike218

A submission of random thoughts, for your consideration, on this humid(!?) late spring evening in Denver.

  • Just watched Spirited Away with a couple who are kind enough to drive into Kansas, pick me up, drive me to dinner (at Outback, no less), and indulge my desire to see a decidedly left-of-center film.
  • I’m in the process of making clove and black pepper ice cream. Why? The same reason I watched Spirited Away tonight: Mr. Man is out of town for a few days, and I get to indulge in some…well, left-of-center behavior. No, I’ve never had it before. I may or may not report back on it. I bought some pound cake to eat with it.
  • Mr. Man would probably not like me reading books out loud. So guess what else I’m doing?
  • Vimpat. Very new antiepileptic drug that is now my key to life without seizures…I hope. I’m not sure what to make of it. Nowadays I need a nap in the afternoons, even if just for 15 minutes (though 30 minutes is ever so much more delightful), so its inhibitory powers are intact. So far, no signs of seizures…during the day, at least. I woke up this morning, really no more sleepy than usual, but the side of my tongue that wasn’t most recently bitten out hurt more than yesterday in a small area approximately where my tongue was bitten out in February. Did I have a minor seizure overnight and bite my tongue? Or is that now a canker sore? Hard to say.
  • The Gay Gasp. Just close enough to my interests to be compelling for more than a brief skimming. The constant misspellings grate, though.
  • Why I HATE seizures, reason #4532: The cost of an ambulance ride on May 15th from my barber to the hospital at Denver Health came out to roughly $461.76 per city block. That comes out to $1385.27 for three blocks…for a ride I don’t remember. Got the bill today. For what I’m shelling out for health insurance a month, I had better not pay a single penny of this.
  • Vimpat, part 2. I’m still not quite functioning as well as I feel I should, and since I’ve been completely off Keppra for a week now, I think I can lay the lassitude and mental difficulties mostly at Vimpat’s feet now. C’mon, feds…legalize it! CBD sounds too promising to deny! (Of course, if travel China is in my future, CBD may not be. Le frustrated sigh.)
  • No, I’m not ready to discuss China yet.

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