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April 27, 2015 by unclespike218

At the tail end of a string of Belle and Sebastian-worthy spring days here in Denver… with the temperature only reaching 50 today, and I’m already beginning to mourn the passing of colder weather. There’s a day ahead with the mercury predicted to slide above 80 (it already has twice this year, unannounced), and I’m leery. I don’t particularly mind the temperature there, but once it gets above 85 or 90 on a regular basis, I begin to wilt. September has moved into the echelon of least-favorite months, because even in late September, the temperature doesn’t know when to stop hitting 80, and clouds have lost the knack of the simple art of forming. It’s enough to make me want to move to Portland or Seattle.

Still moving more slowly than I’d like to, but at this point, I think it’s more inertia than the action of Keppra, the effects of which seem to be mitigated by Vimpat, another anticonvulsant. To wit: energy up, strength coming back, coordination normalized, appetite and weight coming back, and most importantly, brain function is improving. Hooray for polypharmacy! *sarcasm* Give me a week, and I’ll be on half my dose of Keppra. Two weeks, and I’ll be fully off it. Three weeks, and I’ll probably be able to evaluate, once and for all, how Vimpat treats me on its own. I’m no fool: Vimpat is giving me life. But what effects of Vimpat might Keppra be mitigating? What will get worse as I wean off Keppra? This kinda frightens me because in four weeks, I’ll be in the midst of the most important business week of the year, amongst families, media, and the need to put my best foot forward. I can only hope it’s not a dizzy, stumbling foot.

Sleep is still an issue…both falling asleep and waking multiple times during the night. But as long as I have my nightcap, I’m good. This nightcap: a cherry balsamic vinegar shrub, combined with a shot of pomegranate juice, a dash of simple syrup, and water, topped with my choice of orange bitters or rosewater. Tastes delightful, and the melatonin in the cherry juice helps significantly with sleep. It’s a beautiful thing. Since I started having this on a nightly basis, I also noticed that my blood pressure dropped considerably – that is, it normalized –  and I would not be surprised to see my lipid profile improve either…thanks to the pomegranate juice. Oh, and there’s also some apple cider vinegar in there, too. That can’t hurt.

(Links provided for scumbag skeptics who dismiss me as anti-science. Because relying on food as medicine is quackery. Well, “an’ it harm none, do what ye will.” I’m not telling others what to do, God forbid. Just saying it works well for me, then paying lip service to skeptics who won’t listen anyway…and everyone else can go to hell.)


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