Levetiracetam and lassitude.

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March 27, 2015 by unclespike218

So this whole Keppra thing is starting – already – to get old.

It is somewhat nice to have visceral proof that a medication meant to control seizures is at least making you feel like it’s doing its work. I’m definitely experiencing the opposite of the hyperexcitability that you associate with a nervous system run amok. Can’t say I’ve ever had such difficulty waking up in the morning, though. Nor, for that matter, such difficulty falling asleep at night, for whatever reason. It’s not like caffeine is to blame; I stay away from coffee and chocolate from mid-afternoon on. But my ability to wake in the mornings, never great to start with, is at an all-time low, and that must change.

The lassitude that persists throughout the day as a result looks like it can be controlled with a good quality B complex. And now that I’m fully off of Lamictal, my liver is probably starting to breathe deeper and deeper sighs of relief. I wonder what visceral signs of an optimally-functioning liver I’ll begin to experience in the future. I already occasionally see my tongue with a thinner coat on it than I’m used to seeing; in Chinese medicine, this indicates less liver congestion.

Oh, and apparently while I’m on Keppra, I have a somewhat contentious relationship with celery, of all things. I made a celery shrub (oh, yeah, I should probably write about shrubs at some point, too), and while I was weaning off Lamictal and on a full dose of Keppra, I had a nice seltzer with celery and lemon/lime shrubs. I noticed becoming more and more sedate as I drank, and had no issue falling asleep that night. Waking the next morning and functioning all the next day, however, was almost humorously difficult. I had a similar experience taking celery seed glycerite a few months back: a simple dose of ten drops helped me breathe SO easily an hour later, but again, I was really, REALLY relaxed. Looks like celery + anticonvulsants = too much of a good thing.

Oh, and speaking of celery…


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