The power of boron


January 28, 2015 by unclespike218

Cutting to the chase here: down 10 pounds, effortlessly, over the span of a month.

Some of that had to do with a retreat I took for 10 days, wherein the food was of moderate but by no means paltry quantities, but the quality was significantly worse. So I wasn’t inspired to eat. And I was craving junk food half the time. But I attribute a lot of it to the Magical Healing Powers of Boron!

Suck my dick.

What I’ve been taking it for: increasing testosterone. Another fun, studied and established use for it: increasing bone mass. And another: great antifungal, so it’s been helping me with my athlete’s foot. Anecdotal evidence up the yeeeah that it helps out significantly with arthritis pain (though that’s not an issue with me). And apparently, in me, it causes rapid (but not wildly so) weight loss. No studies or anything with this, but it’s an interesting effect on me. Man, what some people would give for something like this.

As an erstwhile naturopathic doctor, I once did what I could to expose people to natural therapies that would help them achieve their health goals. But I quickly became disillusioned with the profession for various reasons, so I’m out. And any health therapy I stumble across that sounds intriguing, I try on myself. I’ve had some very big successes (I’m not quitting my morning cayenne shot in juice anytime soon; I love ginger for that post-workout soreness), and some very big failures (don’t even try asking me how my experiment with ingesting food-grade hydrogen peroxide went…although inhaling it had some pretty cool effects). But I’ve decided that the vast majority of the people I come in contact with are not comfortable with trying things out on their own. So any potential huge success stories I come across remain mine and mine alone. I hated being Cassandra for everyone – the mythological woman who was blessed with the gift of soothsaying, but cursed because no one would heed her prophecies. Call me selfish; I don’t care. There’s more than enough information out there on great natural therapies that anyone can take advantage of. And the #1 rule I go by with trying these things: my experiments are solely my responsibility. If I fuck up, I have no one else to blame but myself. I suspect that’s not a common frame of mind in this litigation-happy culture. Also, perhaps a bit of skepticism and fear enters into the picture as well. The healthy skepticism I’m fine with…after all, it takes a certain kind of person to willingly take a substance that is otherwise marked with a warning sign on the box (but has done the research on it, and knows that the dose makes the poison). And I certainly have not felt poisoned by it. Not by a long shot.

So why the annoyance with boron? I like my size. Unlike the majority of fat-phobic Americans, I’m happy with a thicker gut, larger arms, a broader chest, thunder thighs, and an appearance that commands attention and possibly intimidation. (And so many people don’t understand this…that could be a whole other blog post.) So when boron helps me reduce, I start to get leery. I started noticing this trend last month when I took boron for a few weeks, and my weight began to level off, then dip below the horizon. During the Christmas season, no less. So I let it go, then started it up again at the beginning of the month. And this is what happened. Like I say, its effect on my athlete’s foot has been welcome, but I may have to alternate back and forth on it to accommodate my wishes.

Boron isn’t bad, by any stretch. In fact, as I said above, with many people, it has the potential to be tremendously helpful. But at this point, it just works against my health goals and wishes. So it’s time to discontinue it for the time being.


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  1. […] Boron. From before. Dose: 1 Tbsp of a pre-made liquid mixture that provides about 3-4 mg of boron. […]


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